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At MGM Resorts International we are always looking for passionate, service-oriented individuals and future leaders who are not afraid of challenging the status quo, trying new things, and inspiring others. Our college programs are designed to give you unique exposure to the inner world of a global leader in the hospitality and entertainment industry.

Areas of Focus

Casino Marketing
​​​​​​​Observe and learn as you intern with Casino Floor Supervisors, Hosts, Porters, Event Specialists, Technicians, and more. The exceptional operational and customer service skills of our staff effortlessly bring the casino's magic to our guests! You must be 21 years old to be a Casino Marketing Intern.
Hotel Operations
From Head Concierge to Guest Room Attendant roles, our Hotel Operations Internship gives program participants a critical working knowledge of the glue needed to maintain a wonderful experience for our guests. Our interns will learn the core skills needed for hotel operations but also how to sprinkle charm and a little bit of glamour into everything they do! 
Food & Beverage
Working alongside top chefs, hosts, and servers, our program team participates in learning how to keep the bustle of bars and restaurants rolling! You'll get a glimpse into creating top tier experiences for our guests and have the opportunity to learn how to market and prepare cuisines from around the world! 
Functional Internships
Outside of our hospitality, management and culinary internship programs, we offer additional internship experiences where you can learn from the best in technology, HR, and other business functions within the company. These opportunities are available in Las Vegas and at our regional properties.
HIP - Hospitality Internship Program
Spend the summer working on impactful projects and developing new skills in your area of interest with a global leader in the entertainment industry. Many interns have advanced their careers through full-time placement or participation in the Management Associate Program.
Program Length: 10 Weeks - June to August
​​​​​Audience:  Juniors and Seniors seeking industry work experience.

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MAP - Management Associate Program
Build your career by developing leadership skills through rotations across operational functions and participation in D&I and sustainability efforts, learning from leaders in the company.
Program Length: 9 months - July to April
Audience:  College graduates seeking the best leadership training in the business

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CAP - Culinary Associate Program
Expand your culinary skillset with an exciting opportunity to gain the best culinary training in the business. This program is designed to prepare you for a successful leadership career in our culinary area.
Program Length: 9 Months - July to April
Audience:  Recent culinary graduates and experienced culinarians

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Hear our stories.
MGM does not only focus on creation of extraordinary experience and service excellence for its guest, but also for its employees and interns. My MGM experience has begun with an interview by a team of Vice Presidents and Executive Directors. I was very much thrilled by the leaders’ approach. I saw MGM’s above and beyond hospitality in those 30 minutes. I felt nothing, but a big wish to be part of the SHOW. I was highly valued and welcomed as a woman of color in technology.
The simple truth I learned during my stay is, MGM is a great place to grow up with. The culture is made of assuring job satisfaction, work-life balance, growth, and employee retention. The employees are very much experienced and supportive. The DBA team, I am doing my internship with, is tirelessly guiding, encouraging, and supportive. You can knock on their door anytime, they welcome you with a big smile. Entertainment is part of the team, and so much fun. Can’t wait to be part of this adorable family!
Tsion M. - Former Intern
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I’ve had the pleasure of interning with MGM Resorts International Hospitality Center of Excellence Food and Beverage Leadership team. I came into this role ready to do my part in learning about and helping develop the strategies utilized by our company’s F&B venues. While I’ve had the chance to do just that, I was blessed to also have a great leadership team that supported me and provided me with opportunities to see these implemented strategies in action. The level of collaboration, thought, and communication that goes on between our team members is truly incredible and really puts into perspective just what it takes to WOW our guests. Each day has brought me a new challenge to overcome, but each hurdle has taught me something new along the way. I’m incredibly excited to continue growing alongside my peers and leaders here.
Hector L. - Former Intern
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Hear our stories.
My summer intern experience at MGM as an Associate Software Engineer has been a memorable journey filled with immense growth. As an intern at MGM, I gained skills that range from technical, interpersonal, and problem-solving. I was impressed by all the ‘SHOW’ moments at MGM. As a leader in the entertainment and hospitality industry, the diverse and inclusive culture is embedded in all aspects of MGM Resorts' culture.
One of my memorable moments at MGM was volunteering at a Food Bank with all the technology interns. My biggest takeaway from this internship experience is communication and collaboration. Everyone has different skills, talents, and expertise. I have improved my technical and soft skills by collaborating and communicating with
cross-function teams at MGM.
Minyi (Amy) Xu - Former Intern
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